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Helping Small Businesses Grow

phase 2 marketing

Helping Small Businesses Grow

Inbound Marketing Consulting
Specializing in content strategy and HubSpot.

You’re running a small business or nonprofit, and maybe you've been operating steadily for awhile now.  But what does Phase 2 look like?  How can you take things to the next level? How do you increase profitability and drive growth?

Maybe it’s getting a plan in place to better attract the right visitors to your website and convert them into leads. Maybe you need guidance on how to blog more effectively and post more strategically on social media. Perhaps you’re already getting inbound leads, but you’re not converting them so you need an automated nurture track. And what plan do you have for building loyalty with existing customers to keep them coming back?

At Phase 2 Marketing, we're passionate about helping small business owners and nonprofits take their marketing to the next level with content. Specializing in inbound marketing, content strategy and HubSpot, we feel strongly that there’s a better way to reach customers than traditional push marketing. People are inundated with advertisements in all aspects of their lives these days and it’s becoming increasingly more challenging for brands to differentiate themselves.

By using the inbound methodology and creating a cohesive content strategy, Phase 2 Marketing can help you position your brand as a resource and thought leader in your industry. We can help you start from the ground up, or audit and refine your existing content and processes. By sharing content that addresses the pain points of your audience, and utilizing tactics like social media marketing, email marketing, automation and search engine optimization, you can reach your target audience in a way that is genuine, helpful and will leave a lasting impression.

Photo by  Studio 7042  from  Pexels

Photo by Studio 7042 from Pexels

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
— steve jobs

Digital Marketing Services

content strategy

Does your written material solely focus on your company and what you have to offer? Have you heard of blogs but don’t think they fit with your business? We can help you plan a meaningful and effective content strategy to attract and convert website visitors and drive new business.

email marketing

Sending periodic sales emails but not sure how effective they are? Need to refresh your email templates or set up email automation? We can create email workflows to help nurture and convert existing leads, and keep in touch with customers to drive repeat business. We can work within your existing system or get you set up on a new platform.

video strategy

Thinking you should start integrating video into your marketing mix but unsure where to start? Worried that your existing content is getting a bit stale and repetitive? We can work with one of our trusted video vendors to build your video library and create a strategy to fully leverage the video content to drive business.

social media

Already on social media but not sure why, or how it’s contributing to your overall business? Worried that it’s a waste of time or you’re not doing it right? We can assess your current efforts and make recommendations about platforms and content going forward.


Already on the HubSpot platform but feeling like there’s more utility than you’re currently using? Thinking you could use an outsider’s viewpoint on your existing content and workflows? Let us help you maximize your investment by auditing and making recommendations for your blog, emails, workflows, forms, landing pages and more.


Not sure if people are finding what they need on your site? Looking to capture inbound leads? We can audit your existing website and make recommendations to improve user experience, and strategically place content offers to help convert visitors to leads.